Thursday, June 30, 2011

it had been almost a year being single

after a year:

- single life give heart to rest
- avoid from being hurt
- can stick to too many people
- be more strong n tough
- no more tears to be wasted
- can appreciate myself more than others
- can love everyone
- credit always available
- am free =)
- no need to fight with couple
- can think better n choose the best one
- take care of heart n myself
- have most time with friends
- etc...........

L♥ve our life to the fullest.
appreciate n yourself 1st

=====is waiting for the right person that deserves me on my worst=====
thanks to the one who had hurt me. life is karma. i know life is fair. ur turn will come.


Anonymous said...

love ur words in turqoise, dear. :)

shera haifa said...

relex2 sdh

::nia_mira:: said...

any: thnx :)
shera: hehhe baik